1.3 — Property Rights and Transaction Costs — Class Content

Wednesday, Feburary 2, 2022



Questions to Guide Your Reading

  • What are the benefits and costs of property rights?

  • Why don’t we make everything property? Why might we leave some things un-“propertized”?

  • What is the relationship between property rights and externalities?

  • How is this article related to Coase’s article?


Below, you can find the slides in two formats. Clicking the image will bring you to the html version of the slides in a new tab. Note while in going through the slides, you can type h to see a special list of viewing options, and type o for an outline view of all the slides.

The lower button will allow you to download a PDF version of the slides. I suggest printing the slides beforehand and using them to take additional notes in class (not everything is in the slides)!


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